Bizplan (not pictured) is an app that will help you outline and organize your strategy.

The colossal failure that was the Fyre Festival is a cautionary tale about what NOT to do when planning, well, anything.

Just because it sounds good in your head and looks good on Instagram, doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed to go as planned. Two documentaries and a spate of defeated tweets later, we can all be pretty sure of that.

To make sure that your business doesn’t suffer the same fate, you need a carefully constructed plan to make all stakeholders and customers happy. Bizplan is an app that will help you outline and organize a strategy so that you can (hopefully) achieve business success. We already covered this powerful tool before, but we’re dropping the cost down to its lowest price point yet — only $36.75 at the Mashable Shop if you use the code DOWNLOADIT at checkout.



A must-have for anyone starting a business, this Product Hunt hit is a step-by-step business builder that splits massive projects into more manageable pieces so you don’t get overwhelmed. It allows you to accomplish more in less time with drag-and-drop templates for the most crucial parts of a business plan (think market problem, market size, traction, etc.) so you can easily modify and complete. There’s even a progress tracker that you can keep tabs on items you have yet to finish, and there are collaboration tools built-in that let you get your whole team involved.

Bizplan also features a financial command center that serves as a centralized hub for anything finance related, including team salary forecasts, modern revenue projections, income statements, and more. Plus, you can share parts of your plan (or the entirety of it) with investors with a single link.

Anyone who’s ever thought of starting a business can benefit from a tool like this. Typically $2,940, you can get a lifetime subscription to the software for only $36.75, provided that you use the coupon code DOWNLOADIT.