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To major population, success is a synonym to qualification. Learning is a synonym to textbooks. School is a part of the routine. Excelling in the examination is a compulsory duty of every child. This traditional mindset exerts invisible pressure, results in slowly breaking the faith in himself/herself. Learning can be made natural and interesting. Making a child to observe the dynamics around him/her will help to realize the logical formula behind the integrity of nature.

First and foremost step in the learning process is understanding the existence and relevance of major subjects? Many kids study science without understanding what actual science is all about. Knowing the pattern behind categorizing topics into science, mathematics, social studies, literature etc will help them to map the learning process efficiently. To make it simple, lets us take an example of physics, which is a sub-discipline under the umbrella of science.

Physics mainly is the study of nature. How things around us and within us functions are explained logically here. Physics incorporate diverse areas like mechanics, Kinetics, Electricity, Magnetism, Astrophysics, Electronics, Nuclear physics, modern physics, and the list goes on.

The concepts here are conveyed crisply by expressing them in the form of laws. For examples, How an object rests, How it moves? What makes it move? Why it stops why does not it moves forever? What force does it carry? etc are explained only using a set of three laws, famously known as Newton’s laws of motion. Similarly, there are plenty of other laws governing the matter and its interactions at every scale. Some of them are Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, Laws of thermodynamics, Ohm’s law,Bragg’s law, Kirchoff’s law, Ampere’s law etc.

The laws speak verbally. There are plenty of languages in this world, the concepts explained by person A may not be understood by person B. To overcome this problem, every concept is expressed mathematically in the form of Formula. These formulae are tools to solve many real-life problems. For example; if a kid is crossing the road, the formula of velocity will help him/her to calculate the speed with which he/she has to walk to cross the road safely.

Other than Laws, Formulae Physics also consists of a plethora of experiments which helps to prove the relevance of the theory and also aid the learning process.

In general, Learning science and mathematics is challenging for many, but an honest consistent effort from day one will bear fruits. Instead of studying it by heart. If a child can take a different path and tries to understand the essence of it by numerous experiments or activities. The concepts will be concrete in their minds.

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