No matter what you are up against, making the right decisions can be challenging. If you are facing a tough choice and do not know what to do, check out these three ways to make informed decisions.

1. Do Some Research

Sometimes, all you need are details. Learning more about a particular school, position, or company can help you make an informed decision. Do you want to go to med school, but you are not sure what that entails? Doing research can help fill in the gaps. Just be sure to get your information from credible sources and thinking critically about the facts you are gathering. If you want more direct instruction on how to choose between possibilities, signing up for decision making courses online is another great option.

2. List the Pros and Cons

Another helpful tool in decision-making is listing out the pros and cons, or good things and bad things, about each of your options. For example, if you are trying to choose between two job opportunities, list out what, to you, would be the upsides and downsides to choosing one of the jobs. Put that information on on half of a piece of paper, then write down the same for the other job on the other half. Making a pros and cons list can help you think through the realities of each choice and weigh the potential costs and benefits of one option against the other.

3. Ask Around

This is a classic piece of advice, but asking others for their input can make a big difference. Take some time to tell a few of friends or family members about the decision you are trying to make and ask if they have any input they’d like to share. Keep in mind that it is helpful to take other people’s experiences with a grain of salt. If someone else has tried something and determined it was not for them, that does not mean the same will be true for you.