One of the key points that influence the choice we make when we pick a phone is the storage space available on the phone. Gone are the days when you had to choose which apps to keep and which apps to get rid of. Pick any phone and it will be hard to not find at least one app that doesn’t need to be on there.

How to disable unwanted Android apps

The apps running in the background and loading during startup can considerably affect your Android device’s performance. The reason this happens when the load memory is more than the Random Access Memory. When you start your device, a lot of these apps start up automatically and you will not be able to see which unless your device has been rooted. An easy method that can be relied on to tackle this issue and allow you to enable and disable startup apps on Android have been discussed below.

1) The first thing that you will need to do is root your Android device as the app we need to use cannot be installed unless your device has been rooted. The app is called Xposed Installer. After you have rooted your device, you can install the app.

2) The next thing that you have to do is get the Xposed Module called Bootmanager in your Android device and enable it in the Xposed Installer.

3) When you launch the app, you will be able to see a list of all the apps that have been installed on your device. You can now choose which of these apps should be running on your device when it first starts up. All you have to do is tap on them.

4) Click on done after you’ve chosen the apps you prefer and bootmanager will run the command to set them as the startup apps.

Xposed Installer and Bootmanager are not the only tools available out there, you can also use many of the several apps available on the Google Play Store to allow users to control apps on startup. You also have the option to manually enable or disable the Android Startup Apps in order to improve performance.

1) Advanced Task Manager

As the name suggests, the app acts like a task manager and it allows you to see and kill the apps and games that are running in the background. In addition to finding and killing apps that consume resources and memory, the app also allows you to restrict apps from loading at startup.

2) All-In-One Toolbox

It contains everything from Android Junk Cleaner to memory booster. And it also allows users to find and disable apps from running during startup.

3) Startup Manager

This app shows you all the apps that are running during startup and gives you the option of enabling or disabling them.

4) Assistant For Android

In addition to enabling and disabling apps, the app also shows you current CPU status, RAM status, SD card status, and a few other things.

5) Smart Task Manager

This Android optimization tool allows you to clear background apps, clean junks, restrict apps from startup, etc.